As you would expect with our long standing history we have completed on thousands of residential property transactions over the last 35 years. So it goes without saying we know a thing or two about how important selecting a solicitor who specialises in residential sales is.

From dealing with many solicitors we know that the key is finding that one solicitor who is on your side, who is adaptable, experienced and has local knowledge – ultimately someone who communicates regularly with you and takes away the stress of the legal side of the transaction.

 Having a local solicitor who knows the area and the local councils must be an advantage. If you live in the village of Wanborough, Wiltshire the ideal solicitor is one in the local town, and if you live in Highcliffe, Dorset you don’t want to be dealing with a solicitor in Cardiff or Essex with no local knowledge or experience of the area.

Having worked with Solicitors across the counties in an ever changing market our strong recommendation is to pick LOCAL to the property where you are buying.

Henry George is able to recommend from their panel of vetted solicitors, the best firm and individual within that company for your specific property purchase. After all who knows the solicitors best!

**We may receive a fee for organising additional services**